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Eistvere Village Association was founded in December 2000 with the purpose to

activate our village community and bring people together

 by organising community events and initiating other projects to 

improve the image and drive attention to our community.

The founders of the Village Association were:

Tiina Kaelep, Juta Paimla, Piia Goldin, Vaike Tikka, Anu Anvelt, Sirje Vilms,

Lili Tikka, Aadi Tiit, Rein Kaasik, Leo Reinpõld,

Leida Reinpõld, Uno Kaelep, Merike Touart, Leili Pruun. 


The association has completed 26 different projects.


In 2005 Eistvere Village Association was granted the award for

"the Best Non-Profit Association in Imavere Parish",

in 2006 for "the Best Village in Järva County" 

and in 2007 it was nominated as the "Village of The Year" in a nation wide competition. 


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